Founded: 2013

Location: Shenzhen & Dongguan

Employee Total: 500

Facility Size: 50,000 ㎡

Revenue: $30,000,00

Engaged In: Manufacturing, OEM&ODM business for   all kinds of paper packaging.

OUR Business
  • Jewelry Packaging

  • Shopping bags.

  • Digital Packaging

  • Cosmestic packaging

  • Paper tubes

We dedicated to manufacturing and exporting all kinds of custom packaging boxes for Jewelry, Watch, Gift, Wine, Perfume, Cosmetics etc with 10 years experience.

Offering kinds of high quality materials such as MDF wood, Leatherette paper, Plastic mould, Rigid Cardboard, Special and Printing paper, Velvet, Fabric, EVA foam etc to choose.

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Shenzhen Furunde Packaging Products Co.,ltd

Email:   Brian.lee@frpackaging.com

What's app:+86 15019442013

Office:261A Science industrial building,No.6 keyuan road

yuehai street,Nanshan district,Shenzhen.

Factory:Third Floor,A9 Qihua industrial area,Keyan Road,Fenggang,Dongguan.